About Us

In 1968 MR.MIRZA SHAAFI ULLAH BAIG Founder & Chairman Started “SHAHEEN & COMPANY” for manufacturing  wood polish, thinner  & gasket Shellac compound. products were marketed under the brand name  “TOWER”.

Over 50years back, shaheen Industry commenced its operations on a very small scale under the brand name of Tower, by Mr.MIRZA SHAAFI ULLAH BAIG. Though small in size, the company was backed by Vision and Commitment.

Mr.MIRZA SHAAFI ULLAH BAIG, a dynamic first generation entrepreneur with a vision to see opportunities in problems. Today shaheen Industries has come a long way, with its own sophisticated manufacturing plant and Laboratory in Hyderabad.

TOWER is a leading Brand name in the Wood finish industry in South India. Today SHAHEEN industries, the manufacturer of products under the brand TOWER, manufactures and markets a wide range of products and has it operations spread throughout India. The Company has always been ahead when it comes to providing customer experiences. We manufacture a wide range of wood finish products such as wood polish, wood stains, NC Thinner and NC Sanding sealer, PVC/CPVC/uPVC Solvent Cement etc TOWER has secured an enviable position in the market and today TOWER signifies Quality.